Hosted Solutions


 Datatel Hosted is a managed and fully hosted telephony service, which will ensure your business works more efficiently and your employees to be more productive.

With Datatel Hosted, all calls are noticeably clearer with the new HD  voice quality handsets. Your business will benefit from high quality  exclusivity of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), without having any new hardware installed at your site. On the Broadsoft platforms that are hosted in secure and resilient data centres spread across the UK. The only hardware at your office is a managed router, Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch, managed connectivity, a choice of HD quality handsets or soft clients and structured cabling, if required.

Minimum capital outlay & No upfront costs!

One inclusive monthly rental per seat with free UK landline and UK mobile calls, many features that are often extras with other phone systems come as standard with Datatel Hosted. Every extension includes voicemail and every customer enjoys Call Queuing and an Auto Attendant free of charge. Calls to UK mobiles and 01,02 and 03 numbers are also included so budgeting is easy.

Maximum flexibility

You only pay for the extensions that you use and you can add and remove extensions depending on your needs. There are no software upgrade costs and if you need to move offices there is no box to re-install at the new site. Just pick up your handsets and plug them in at the new location.

 Optimum control

A dedicated web portal controls system features for individual users and/or group administrators, enabling you to control everything from vital disaster recovery to ad hoc call routing plans, from any internet-enabled device. Once installed you will wonder how you ever managed your business communications without it.

 The Business Benefits

Datatel Hosted HD telephony provides greater flexibility, additional functionality and more features whilst reducing costs. It has the power to revolutionise the way your business communicates.

Number portability

Keep your current phone numbers even if you move office and add further UK numbers at any time with any UK dialling code irrelevant of where about in the UK you are based.*

Disaster Recovery

What contingency plan do you have in place in the event that your current phone lines for whatever reason are disabled or dis-connection through fault or vandalism? With disaster recovery you pre-set the number/s that in the event of the unknown happening to your phone lines, we will automatically divert all calls to your chosen number/s.  As soon as any fault or stop in current service is detected, the first you will know there is a fault is when our disaster recovery service starts to divert your calls to your chosen number/s, ensuring continuity for your clients and your business at all times.


Introduce new users and services to suit the changing dynamics of your business at any time.

Unrivalled features

Experience the productivity benefits of high definition voice quality and industry-leading functionality.

Administration & monitoring

The Datatel Hosted web portal allows an administrator or user to control both the system features and its integrated management tools.

Datatel Anywhere

Datatel Anywhere is a unique feature that provides disaster recoveryBusiness man hand holding Communication. and flexibility. Any other device (e.g. mobile or softphone) can be set to ring whenever your extensions is called if for any reason your extension is unreachable your secondary device behaves exactly like your extension. Features like call recording can still be used when you are out of the office and calls can easily be shuttled between devices e.g. If you have taken a call on your mobile phone and want to move it to your office handset you can do so with a simple star command.

Allocate single virtual numbers to flexible workers and remote employees, so that they appear as if they are sitting in the office.

CTI/CRM integration

Integrate your PC, phone and many leading CRM applications for enhanced customer contact management.

Presence status

See the status of your telephone users in real-time. Are they on the phone or available? Staff can set their status to DND, available, out of the office or in a meeting.

Call Centre Compatibility

Unlike most hosted solutions our services are fully compatible for use in call centres no matter how big or small and can be linked up to your call centre wall boards

Minimal on-site resource

Our Network Operations Centre monitors the system 24/7/365 and provides full maintenance support.

No upfront costs

Per user (seat) pricing and a simple price list puts you in control, delivering a clear return on expenditure.**

Training through accredited specialists

Our trainers are industry-acknowledged experts who can teach both you and your staff, allowing you to get the most from your new solution.***

*Subject to porting agreement and number availability ** Subject to successful finance acceptance *** If training is included in your bespoke package


Productivity and efficiency tools

The Web Portal

The user or administrator web portal enables you to self-configure and manage group and personal services in real-time; reducing the cost of moves, adds and changes. Hunt groups, messaging, music on hold and many other services, can be managed at a click of the mouse.

The web portal will not only allow you to see what is happening across all of the users on your system, but will allow you to make immediate changes to prepare your business for any potential challenges it may face. Imagine the power of amending your hunt groups in real-time or changing the flow of calls across your business from your web portal, via any internet-enabled device. It could make the difference between maintaining or losing a customer or an important business contract.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI is a desktop-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) product, which gives you a general overview of your Business telephone users. It shows a caller’s phone number and other relevant data on screen before the call is answered. Telephone numbers can also be searched and dialled directly from within many CRM applications, dramatically increasing employees’ productivity.

With it you can:

  • Search contacts stored in many supported CRMs and databases while your phone is ringing so you know who is calling before you answer the phone
  • Answer, hang up, transfer or place a call on hold with the click of a mouse
  • Click-to-dial from webpages, supported CRMs and databases. You can also simply copy a number to the clipboard and dial it easily
  • Concurrently search supported CRMs and the built-in shared address book and click to dial on the results
  • See call history, enabling you to view previous calls (even if they were missed) and return the call simply by clicking
  • See whether your colleagues are on the phone before you transfer a call to them, using Presence window


Presence window

The Presence window provides a quick way to check the status of your colleagues. By default, the Presence window shows a list of all the extensions. If you start to type in the search box, the list will show only extensions that match what you typed.

If you right click on one of the entries in the Presence list, a context menu will appear. This context menu contains a list of actions that you can perform with the extension including calling, consulting and transfer; the available actions depend on the state of the extension.

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