About Us

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Mission Statement

“As an independent telecommunications supplier we have passion and we strive to offer excellent customer service and a desire to ensure that every customer receives a personal and dedicated account manager, with our industry experience and knowledge alongside our extensive range of products and services our customers truly are at the heart of everything we do”

Datatel solutions ltd is a family owned telecommunications supplier based in the Northwest.

customer service womanAs a family owned business we appreciate the ethics and morals that are required and expected in a very competitive industry, not only to acquire your business but to retain your business and nurture ongoing relationships both now and for the future.

As a business we have over 25 years’ experience with in the industry and coupled with this and the fantastic team we have on board, this enables us to offer an unrivalled experience for both new and existing customers.

As a business our main services that we have offered up until the summer of 2013 was Mobiles, landlines and Broadband, this was due firstly, to requests from our existing customers, secondly to enable us to full fill these requests and thirdly the need to help our business grow, we have spent the last 6 months of 2014 training and supporting our team in the transition to enable us to offer the complete communications package to our existing customers and potential new customers.

This has been at considerable cost and has been a very time consuming process to enable us to make the transition as smoothly and with as little “upset” as possible to our existing customer base.

We are now proud to be able to offer our existing and potential new customers the complete communications package, for whatever your business needs are now or will be in the coming years. We have sourced the main providers across the UK to ensure not only the most cost effective packages are made available to you, but to make sure that you will always receive the best level of support. Alongside our team we can now continue to support you and your business as you grow with us, both for today and tomorrow.

Our vision as a Telecommunications provider in the summer 2013, was to be able to present an overall solution to new and existing customers and be able to offer any aspect of their telecommunications services they require, to enable them to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. We are excited and proud that we have achieved this and we look forward to working with you all in the coming months and years and supporting you in all aspects as you grow your business.

“Seek first to understand then be understood” Stephen R Covey